Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bad Business, Wedding Couples Beware!

Jim DeRosa, from Event Galleria, now with Entertainment Concepts Music and Event Services, was contracted to photograph my wife and my wedding and prepare a wedding album for us. Yesterday was our two year wedding anniversary and we still have no wedding album. I have contacted him on multiple occasions and he has either promised me things he has not delivered on or just ignored my calls and neglected to call/email me back. My wife and I have paid for our album in full. He has lied to my wife and me on several occasions. All we want is the photographs and memories from our wedding. Jim has stolen those from us.

To give you a warning of who Jim is, he has changed locations at least three times that I know of. He has operated under multiple business names. He has an F Rating for the Better business bureau with 31 complaints He has been put on shame on you
We need to collectively stand up to this person and ensure he doesn't continue to conduct business in this manner. I have reached out to a few class action lawyers who can help us all and the many others out there that are in the same situation.

The last conversation I had with one of Jim's Subcontractors, Noel, I was told there are up to 50+ Albums that still have yet to be created. Jim is currently being sued by Noel's company, Noel Marie Photography, and no Albums are going to be made in the near future. The sad thing is Photography is only one aspect of Jim's business.

Jim is a bad wedding photographer coordinator and an even worse business man. If you are a person that has done business with Jim DeRosa and are in a similar situation to me we now have help. If you want to move forward and stand up to Jim De Rosa please e-mail your contact info below with a detailed outline of your situation and we will work with an Attorney at no charge to fight to get our money, photos/albums, videos/dvd's and memories back. I have also emailed a few newspapers about our situation. I hope to create awareness about what a thief Jim DeRosa is so no one has the same experiences that we did.
Jim DeRosa
40 Baldwin Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054
866-847-3984 Office
973-801-6720 Office #2
973-515-4534 Cell
8 Raquel Ct.
East Hanover, NJ 07936
Internet Reviews for Event Galleria:
To try and find a resolution to your issue with Jim DeRosa my attorney stated to do the following:
File a complaint with the better business bureau.
File a Complaint with the Office of Consumer Complaints (Division of Consumer Affairs)
Take Jim DeRosa to Small Claims Court to get your money back. You can have another wedding photographer finish your Album, Video or whatever he has not completed. Get a proposal from another wedding vendor to finish what Jim has not completed and bring a copy of all of your paperwork, contract, mails ect. with you to court. (There have been so many people that have taken Jim DeRosa to Small Claims Court so your case should be easy to win.)
My recommendation is the Following: [My goal is to have enough past customers of event galleria comment on these pages so when someone searches for his company on any search engine (google) our blog or reviews will come up next to his website.]
Please post a comment on my blog site below about Jim DeRosa in regard to your experience.
Please post a comment on Jim DeRosa's Rip Off Report Page about your experience.
Go to the and post your experience with Jim DeRosa on the Blog Page is the largest forum for weddings.
This is the best way to make people aware of Jim's bad business practices. If each one of you can do half of these things than Jim DeRosa won't be able to take advantage of future wedding couples. This guy looked me right in the eye and lied to my face on several locations. He took my money and never delivered my wedding photos. My wife still cries that we don't have our wedding album. I need your help to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.